Wasteful Spending by City of San Ramon.

Most of the people believe in the city of San Ramon to do all the goods for us. Since getting motivated by the youths of Fridays for Future decided to engage in the City Hall meetings.

The first meeting we had a set of agenda’s we shared with the city to focus on. Here is the link to the agenda items.

On May 11, 2021. It came to our notice city was voting for a resolution.

Resolution No. 2021-061 – Authorizing the Mayor to Execute an Agreement with Mintier Harnish to Prepare Updates to the Housing Element, Related General Plan Elements, Climate Action Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Other Necessary Document Revisions, Including an Environmental Impact Report, for a Total Contract Amount Not to Exceed $1,099,697 Including Reimbursables for a Contract Term to Run Until April 1, 2023, to be Funded by CIP 969003; and the Appropriation of $140,000 from Fund 201 Planning Cost Recovery Fees and $129,679 from General Fund to the Project

What i wanted to highlight that City of San Ramon spending $1M+ for the general plan update and Climate plan which will take ~2 years.

After raising the concerns city manager responded and said its already passed cant do anything now. They did not know if such a huge initiative had any RFP issued. They pointed me to the previous plan which is 480 pages(General Plan) + 210(climate plan). Both of them if you read 90% of the items are not implemented.

Not sure if we are wasting money in this initiative but anyone with good knowledge on how city works please connect with us.

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